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Xbox One – Standard Edition

The manufacturer (Microsoft Games) announced a release date of November 22, 2013 for the Xbox One. Due to high demand and limited initial inventory, orders will ship based on inventory availability, but may not ship until December 31, 2013.

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Call of Duty Xbox ONE

Grab your copy of Call of Duty Ghosts for the Xbox One this Black Friday. Call of Duty Ghosts will definitely be one of the most popular video game purchases this Black Friday.

Call of Duty Ghosts for the Xbox One

Black Friday Video Game Wrap Up

Christmas present

Gaming consoles are sure to top the 2013 Black Friday shopping list as two of the big names in gaming are releasing new systems prior to the Holiday Season. The release of Microsoft’s Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 are both set for mid November 15th and will surely be vying for top honors this Black Friday. If you don’t want to miss out you may want to consider pre-ordering a system.

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Xbox One Game Console

xbox one 1

Will the Xbox One be number ONE this Black Friday or will the Playstation 4 take top honors?

Game Consoles for Black Friday

Forza 5 - Xbox One

Forza 5 Xbox ONE

Forza 5 for the Xbox One…..

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Xbox One

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Introducing Xbox One. ...

Outnumbered and Outgunned, but Not Outmatched

Call of Duty: Ghosts is an extraordinary step forward for one of the largest entertainment franchises of all-time. This new chapter in the Call of Duty fra...

$39.99 $29.99
Experience the action like never before with the Xbox One Wireless Controller. New Impulse triggers deliver fingertip vibration feedback, so you can feel every jolt and crash in high definition. Redesigned thumbsticks and an all new D-pad provide greater precision. And the entire controller fits mor...
$59.99 $59.00


From the Creators of Halo and the company that brought you Call of Duty. In Destiny you are a Guardian of the last city on Earth, able to wield incredible power. Explore the ancient ruins of our solar system, from the red dunes of Mars to the lush jung...

$59.99 $44.99

Battlefield 4 is the genre-defining action blockbuster made from moments that blur the line between game and glory. Fueled by the next-generation power and fidelity of Frostbite 3, Battlefield 4 provides a visceral, dramatic experience unlike any other.

Only in Battlefiel...

$39.99 $25.29

Reserve your Day One Edition today.*

Includes Ryse: Son of Rome Day Edition Exclusive Gladiator Mode Unlockables:

The Day One Edition of Ryse: Son of Rome will give players access to an exclusive Gladiator Mode Co-Op Multiplayer Map and an exclusive Sword Add...

Forza Motorsport 5 is a cinematic automotive journey starring the worlds greatest cars and tracks. Built from the ground up to take advantage of Xbox One and the vast power of the cloud, no game better delivers the wide-eyed thrill of racing.

Keep the action going with the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit. Recharge while you play or afterwards, even when your Xbox is in standby. The long-lasting rechargeable battery fully charges in under 4 hours. Say goodbye to disposable batteries and having to swap them out in the middle of a game.


Experience the action like never before with the Xbox One Wireless Controller. New Impulse Triggers deliver fingertip vibration feedback, so you can feel every jolt and crash in high definition.* Redesigned thumbsticks and an all new d-pad provide greater precision. Plus, keep the action going wi...

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Anything and everything is a weapon in Dead Rising 3. Explore the city of Los Perdidos, scavenge for supplies and improvise new weapon combinations as you fight to survive in a massive open world overrun with zombies.

Reserve your Day One Edition today.*

Dead Ri...

It is 1715. Pirates rule the Caribbean and have established a lawless pirate republic. Among these outlaws is a fearsome young captain named Edward Kenway. His exploits earn the respect of pirate legends like Blackbeard, but draw him into an ancient war that may destroy everything the pirates have b...
$49.99 $33.99

The new Xbox 360 4GB console has built-in wi-fi, a black wireless controller, a standard definition composite A/V cable, and comes with a free one-month Xbox LIVE Gold Membership.

Here today, ready for tomorrow with a brand new, leaner machine. Wi-fi is built in for e...

$199.99 $179.99

It's you vs. the world

Kinect Sports Rivals, built for the power of...

Garrett, the Master Thief, steps out of the shadows into the City. In this treacherous place, where the Baron's Witch spreads a rising tide of fear and oppression, his skills are the only things he can trust. Even the most cautious citizens and their best-guarded possessions are not safe from his re...
$29.99 $29.53
"The most satisfying Madden game yet."  – Cheat Code Central

"Madden 25 feels meaningfully distinct from current-gen to next." - Polygon

Powered by EA SPORTS Ignite, Madden NFL 25 ushers in the next generation of sports games deliv...
$59.99 $14.96

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Where Dream...

Experience the emotion of scoring great goals in EA SPORTS FIFA 14. The game plays the way great football matches are contested, with innovations to the award-winning gameplay that inspire fans to build play through midfield, dictating the tempo of a match. Feel the tension as chances are created, a...
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